I'm Dan Dekan and I'm a photographer. There really isn't much to say, I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, which may have influenced my liking of images that are a bit more cold and raw. Something which holds a deeper realism.

I believe every photo, good or bad, holds a frozen moment of time. Something that if look back upon, will tell a truth. The thing we have to fight is the momentary conflict of vanity that presses us to lie to the world. To breath, be free, and let the bad and good photos play out. That is when the real images come forth. The truth is in the moment, it may turn our blurry, eyes maybe close, there could be snot or drool. But that’s real. That is life. There is a glow that can’t be hidden.

What is my photography about? Being real.

I always want to keep my photography unhindered, engaging, and new. To capture what is really there and share it with the world.

I look forward to all creative projects, though, I really have a passion for making books. To enter into a project that will let me explore and document, to show the details, to tell a story. What can be a stronger statement then a book of images telling your story.

I’ll take photos of anything. I just find it fun. I'm not limited to the following list but it helps people think about what I can do for them.




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